Appvalley Download iPhone,iPad.

We all feel free to use default app store when you are using Apple i-Device or Android smart device. But can you satisfy with all its contents? (I mean mainly apps & games) In most cases, default app store unable to fulfill your needs. In that case you have to seek for another assistance. For i-device users can have to move for Jailbreaking to install Cydia or using third party App installer to install apps beyond the Apple app store and Android smart device users can use Play store alternative app.Here I would like to bring you, most popular app Called AppValley. So will see Appvalley download iphone ipad.

AppValley On your device

Appvalley is one of the leading third party app installers for all ios / Android users. It permits you to download plenty of (Tweaked apps,Cydia apps, games and emulators)

Appvalley allows users to download applications which are not in the Apple app store and Google play store. It is an independent American digital distribution service and developed by AppValley LLC and it is a free app.

Developer AppValley LLC
Initial release 2019
Operating system Android, iOS
Type App store

Appvalley download iphone ipad here

IOS Download: No need any special set up in your iphone,ipad.

APK download: Before downloading do the set up bellow

(Go device settings > application settings > select Unknown sources option > enable option).



AppValley features.

  • No need to jailbreak the iPhone, ipad to install the app.
  • Highly compatible with ios 7 and above versions.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Much secure app with high reliability.
  • It brings you thousands of apps and games.
  • No need computer assistance to install apps and games.
  • It is user friendly app comes with easy interface.
  • No need Apple ID.
  • Fast download.

How to use AppValley?

You no need any professional knowledge to use this pretty app store. Just you have to download and install it to your device first. Then you can see the app installer icon in your home screen. Now…

  • Tap on the icon to open up it.
  • What you want? App or Game, simply tap on relevant category.
  • Then you can select or search for the preferred app there.
  • Tap on the selected app and install next.

[In any case, Follow run time instruction]

How to fix  the Untrusted Enterprise Developer error

After installing the AppValley you have to tap on the icon to open it. But at the first time tap, it displays a massage saying untrusted enterprise developer. Then you have to trust the developer. To do that follow the steps bellow.

  1. Open your Settings app and tap on General>Profiles
  2. Find the name of the developer Appvalley LLC in the list and tap it
  3. Tap on Trust and close Settings



Why Should every one have AppValley?

 AppValley is a handy unofficial app store to your iphone,ipad,ipod and Android smart device. It is an Alternative to the official download store and offers you to have apps and games outside the iOS App Store or the google play store. This is a good alternative to Cydia, but no Jailbreaking. Most of the apps and games are upgraded with additional features and functionalities. It offers tweaks and modifications free.

Is AppValley safe ?

Yes, AppValley is 100% safe to use, It has been testing frequently and have guarantee by developers that it not contain any virus, adware, spyware, malware and it is highly compatible with your operating systems. So you can use this with confidence.

Using AppVally is legal?

Let’s see this in open mind. When you are going to download and install AppValley, your are not asking to root access or jailbreak. As well as you don’t ask for any special permission and you can install it in a few steps. You think why is it? Actually this means you are not breaking into the root or hacking the device security at all. So it will not let your device’s warranty at risk.

Should I Pay for AppValley?

Not at all. AppValley is completely free to download and use. All apps and games are available on AppValley app store are free as well. But if you are using Appvalley VIP, then you have to subscribe for it and can have Paid features from it.

Will I loose my Apple Warranty by using AppValley?

No, There is no any ethical reason to do so. Because, at the installation process this app dose not change your device root or not change any licence agreement. So Apple has no good enough reason to do so.

How to remove Appvalley

Removing AppValley is same as other app…

  • In the home screen you can the AppValley Icon
  • Hold on it till to wiggle the icon with small cross.
  • Tap on the cross to delete AppValley.
  • Tap on delete to confirm  the deletion

What are the AppValley Alternatives ?


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