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This blog is merely created for educational and tutorial purpose targeting those who want to acquire some knowledge on Appvalley and some other apps. is not the official website for Appvalley. Further, we must emphasize that we are neither Appvalley app developers nor an affiliated team of Appvalley. Our entire guide just focuses  on making users aware of the different uses, availability, accessibility and functionality of some selected apps including Appvalley. Our team included developers, Application specialist, Bloggers, Writers and we like to give proper guides for users.

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We,  are not acting as a host for Appvalley or any other application. Further, we are not hosting or promoting any kind of pirated app or service. The logos and trade marks of apps which are shown on our web site are belongs to the respective app developers and owners. Those developers should be appreciated for creating such marvelously high quality apps


Your feedback really matters to us, since we consider it as a fair way to asses our performance and to deliver our best to all kind of users by giving possible solutions to their issues. Therefore, whenever you have any type of issue regarding the content of our site, don’t hesitate to comment on it. It allows you to have a dialog with us and other users. It will be a nice way for you to share your ideas and experience with others while getting effective solutions from us to your issues.

We are directly collecting following information from users who leave comments.

  • User name
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Please make sure that spam comments are not made since we are not approving spam comments. Your comment will not be approved unless it is in line in our rules. Once your comment is approved, your profile picture might be visible to the public. If you have any issue regarding approval of comments, please feel free to massage us.

Data Used For Web Management

Google web master tool and Google Analytics tool are the main web site analytic tools that we are using to perform site management tasks. We have identified Google Analytic tool as the best tool to monitor our website visitors. We are collecting following analytic data through our web management tools.

  • How a visitor travel through our site
  • How many visitors are on the web site at a particular point of time
  • How many pages are viewed , what pages they are looking at and what are the most viewed pages
  • When and how long the pages are viewed by respective visitors
  • Average time period that visitors are browsing the site
  • Location of visitors, which browser they are using, which operating system they are using

We are using all these information to asses and improve the effectiveness of our website.

Personal information of Users

The whole user information that we collect is used to improve our site in order to give a better service to our users. We don’t need to track any personal information of users without their knowledge and consent. The user information we gather basically includes the information they provide us directly eg: user name, email and some general data tracked by the website management tools we use eg: location of users, which web browser they use. This is not a website which is created to sell goods and services online. Therefore we don’t need to gather users personal information like visa/credit card numbers/bank account numbers or codes. Whenever you give your personal information to a web site, especially on occasions when online transactions are made, make sure that the web site you use is a reliable and secure one. It helps you to guard yourself against fraud and other security issues.


We are not using any type of Cookies.

Embedded content from other websites

Our website may contain some embedded videos. As a tutorial website, We hope it provides our users better opportunity to widen their knowledge on Appvalley and other desired apps.

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We have inserted some external links in to help you getting quick and easy access to related information available in other web sites. However you have to access other websites at your own risk. You better follow their privacy policies before accessing them as a security measure.

How long we retain your data

You are allowed to leave comments on our website and comments you make will be removed within a desired period of time. Anyone who visits the website is able to read your comments. You can start a discussion with other users and share your knowledge, ideas and experience with them. Further, you can get effective solutions to your issues from us through leaving comments. However spam comments are not allowed and we use plugging to detect them.

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Your privacy is very important to us. We hope our privacy policy will be helpful for you to get a clear picture about how we manage your data and protect your data privacy. Thank you very much for visiting us and trusting us by giving some of your personal information. If you have any question with regard to our web content, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank You.